Different Volunteer Work Opportunities

If you feel like you have a personal obligation to give back to your community and help others, take a look at the different volunteer opportunities available. Being a volunteer actually offers a lot of benefits, not just to others but also for your own personal development.

Consider the following as your options to start volunteering: 

1. Volunteer at your local school.

Teachers are often overworked and they need as much help as they can get. You can do your part by offering your time reading stories to preschoolers or act as a chaperone during fieldtrips. You can even help kids with their homework or assist in beautifying school grounds during weekends.


2. Volunteer at a nursing home.

Senior homes are often depressing and residents are desperate to have someone they can talk to, someone who actually cares. Spending a few hours a week in a nursing home just talking to the residents can brighten up their day.  Best of all, you will also learn something about their experiences and life journeys, in return.


3. Coach a local sports team.

Sports plays a big role in the development of our youth. It teaches them teamwork, hard work and responsibility. Sadly, many kids aren’t given the chance to participate in sports because no one can coach them. Consider becoming a volunteer coach in your community.


4. Serve meals to the needy.

There are close to 50 million hungry Americans today, based on data by the USDA. Local charities need volunteers to prepare and serve nutritious meals to the homeless and unemployed. Wouldn’t it be nice to serve hot meals and be given grateful smiles in return?


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